How to Care for Your RV Banner

Whether you have a four-wheeler a jet ski or an RV that you need to store, you don’t want any harm to befall your cherished recreational vehicle while it’s resting in at our storage facility. We understand how much these “toys” mean to you, which is why we’ve compiled a few tips that you can employ to keep your recreational vehicles in tip-top shape. Here’s our advice to make sure that your recreational vehicles don’t get damaged while in storage, so they’re ready whenever you want to take them out for an adventure. And as always, you can count on J & B Storage to keep your recreational vehicles safe and sound at our Loveland self-storage facility!

Perform Preparatory Maintenance

Your vehicle might be sitting for a season, or you may have it in storage for a year. Regardless, it’s a good idea to make sure that your vehicle is properly maintained prior to posting it up in a storage unit. Be sure to check all of the fluid levels of your vehicle, since these fluids can dry out over an extended period of time, or they can break down, depending on the type of fluid. You’ll want to ensure that your vehicle isn’t leaking any fluid as well, since any leaky lines will run dry as your vehicle sits in storage. Make sure that you have fresh oil and gas in your vehicle at the very least. You should also check the transmission fluid for vehicles that are outfitted with an accessible transmission fluid reservoir.

Clean Upholstery, Leather, Etc.

If you have a recreational vehicle with upholstered seats, or perhaps leather details, then you should clean these components before you store your vehicle. Clean upholstery and leather will be less likely to become damaged by mold or pests looking for food, which means that you won’t come back to a vehicle that has been found by moths. You can also invest in a moth repellent to further ensure that moths don’t make your vehicle their home.

Cover Your Vehicle

Once you have your vehicle parked where you’d like it, it’s a wise choice to cover your vehicle for the duration of its stay. Simply use a tarp or two to keep dust from settling on your vehicle. Now, you don’t want to “seal in” your vehicle. It should still be breathable. Why? Well, if there is moisture in the air, any upholstery or fabric can soak up this moisture for a brief time — which isn’t a problem in and of itself. However, if you that moisture becomes trapped, mold can grow fairly easily, which may damage that upholstery or fabric. Simply use tarps to loosely cover your recreational vehicle from falling dust.

Easy, Accessible Storage From J & B

With J & B Storage, storing and accessing your recreational vehicle (or vehicles) couldn’t be easier. We have self-storage facilities that are accessible around the clock, so you can bring in a four-wheeler at midnight, or pull out the jet ski at the crack of dawn. Simply head to the secure, camera-monitored gate, type in your code, and head to your unit. If you’re interested in renting some space, feel free to reach out to us to learn about our rates and storage unit sizes — again, we’re conveniently located in Loveland!