Loveland in Winter

With temps dropping and snow on the ground, it’s apparent that winter has arrived here in Colorado. With winter comes the need for storage for many of our clients. It’s time to pack up spring, summer, and fall goods for the cold season. If you have winter wares to store, utilize J & B Self-Storage. We can store all sorts of seasonal items, including the following:

RV & Camper Storage

RVs and campers can be fun and versatile in the warm months, but they can be a hassle to store throughout winter. J & B Storage provides RV and camper storage, including covered storage. Covered storage ensures that your RV or camper remains protected from harsh weather. Keep your RV or camper tip-top by storing it in our protected, self-storage facility!

Boat Storage

Frozen lakes make boating rather difficult. Use our storage facility to get your boat off the pond and into protection. We know how valuable your boat is to you, and we’re happy to provide secure, easy-access, protected storage for boaters here in the Loveland area!

Motorcycle Storage

Motorcycles simply aren’t made for winter traveling. With ice on the road, and below freezing temps, it’s time to put the hog away until spring. If you have a motorcycle that you’d like to keep safe, secure, and protected from the elements this winter, use J & B storage. We provide indoor self-storage for motorcycles.

Sporting Good Storage

There are so many outdoor activities we simply can’t enjoy in winter. If you have a home full of sporting goods suited for summer fun, store them here in the winter! A small unit is likely plenty of room to store your golf clubs, water skis, tennis rackets, basketball, soccer ball, football, surfboard, and climbing gear. Think about all the free space you’ll have… so much room for activities!

Start storing your seasonal belongings and vehicles here in Loveland at J & B Storage — give us a call today to get started!